Favorite Things

I know "things" don't make you truly happy but they can make you smile!  

Here are some of my favorite things in no particular order. 

No explanation needed. 

Two Weeks Off
I am still in my PJs and it is after 11 am.  This is the life...no sense of urgency. 

YouTube Videos of Penguins
Or just YouTube in general!  Click (here) to check out my playlists. 

I don't know what rock I was living under, but I just found out about ebates and already earned $30 with my online shopping.  Click (here) to check it out. 

House Hunting
Now, if only the home I found above on Pinterest would be located on Long Island and not be a million dollars.  (Long Island is soo expensive.)  I love imagining what I would do with the houses I look at.   I am currently looking in Brightwaters on the South Shore of Long Island.  I am hoping some homes pop up after Christmas. 

You all know I foster and it is such a rewarding experience.  I have been fostering a never ending stream of kittens, but may go back to puppies/dogs for a bit.  I want to spread the love. 

I kinda need this shirt?

I don't own the bag above, but I really want it.  I am actually proud of myself for showing restraint and not buying it.  I need to save for a new house...I need to save for a new house.


All my favorite fashion bloggers use this app.  It is dangerous for me, because I like a pic on Instagram and instantly I am sent an email with links to the items.  To justify, I do think it has made me a much more stylish person. 

Christmas Messes!

I really could go on and on about my favorite things!  What are your favorite things?  Link up below.

The Week Before Christmas Break - Plans for First Grade

Thank you all who commented on last week's post!  I appreciate your feedback and I listened.  I will continue to post my visual plans with links.

Are you counting down the days until Christmas break?  I am so excited for TWO weeks off.  Here are my plans for the week (just click to download):

(I am not sure if Deedee is posting her linky, so I just linked to her blog just incase.)

Here are the units I will be utilizing this week:

This is a brand new packet of Hanukkah printables.  It is all print and go.  I plan to use the pages on Monday and Tuesday and whenever a time filler is needed. 

This is another brand new packet!  I had requests for a Christmas version of my Engaging Thanksgiving Centers, so I created these.  I am going to be using these myself this week for literacy centers.  We are going to take this week off from the Words of the Week

Here are the freebies I am using this week:
The kids have JUST LOVED the Kindness Elves.  I have posted our pictures each day on Instagram. I am so proud of my students.  They are really getting it!  

 I was wanting to do a random act of kindness myself.  Then while at the grocery store, the man ahead of me could not afford the $23 for his items.  I handed him $5 and said Merry Christmas.   He was still short, so I took the items he could not afford to pay for and added them to my grocery pile.  It was not a lot, but it made a difference.  It felt amazing to be able to do that for someone.   I am not a religious person,  but I felt like God put me behind him on line because he knew I was looking for an opportunity to be kind. 

I hope you have a great week before Christmas Break!

Visual Plans: Gingerbread Freebie and Kindness Elves

Last week we started our gingerbread unit.  I am sorry I did not get to post my visual plans last week.  My first graders absolutely love the gingerbread man books and the activities we did.  Their favorite was the gingerbread man experiment.  It is a freebie by Abby Mullins, you can snag it here!

I apologize for the gingerbread heads on my students, but I don't want to share their faces publicly.  You can still tell that they were SHOCKED by what happened in the experiment. 

We also went on a gingerbread hunt.  If you know who made this hunt, let me know.  The kids had a blast!

We also made gingerbread play dough!  They loved it.  Here are the half class and individual recipes. 
 Just click to download for free. 

We made gingerbread glyphs.  I thought it was so funny that most of the kids loved the books where the gingerbread man gets eaten best.

We also completed a gingerbread themed make ten to add project.

Here are my plans for this week:
Just click to download!  I am sorry but I did not add the links to file...It just takes way too long and I still have to print and cut some centers for school tomorrow.   I did not get any comments last week about not posting my plans, so I am wondering if it is even worth all the extra time to add the links.  I would appreciate your feedback.  Do you mind not having the clickable links in the download?

I am linking up with my rockstar friend, Deedee.  Um, how does she get her visual plans done each week on time and with all the links?  I am just so impressed.

We will be tying up our gingerbread unit with a gingerbread taste test graphtivity.  I plan to update the packet with a photo of the page topper once I make it.  I don't have any brown construction paper left at home!

This week we introduce the Kindness Elf!  I added a letter to the packet from the kindness elf.   It is a free download.  If you already downloaded it last week, redownload for the updated letter.

We are going to be utilizing my Teaching Compassion at Christmas Time unit.

I hope you all have a great week!  

Christmas for the Classroom Giveaway

I am teaming up with some fabulous ladies to give you an amazing giveaway!  Don't you want to win THIS BEAUTIFUL LASER COLOR PRINTER?   You can enter using the rafflecopter below. 
But wait there is more!  You could also win these seasonal Carson Dellosa borders.  I am giving away two of each seasonal border set.   You can win them all!  The total value is $28!

Don't forget to hop around to enter more awesome giveaways!

Cyber Monday and Tuesday Sale!

In the spirit of Cyber Monday...
The quote above is so true for me!  Then I will go back to buy the item and it is sold out in my size!  I am still thinking about those 6.5 Tory Burch black boots that I missed out on.  There is always next fall's style. 

Here are some items that will never run out!  My whole store is on sale for Cyber Monday and Tuesday!

Here are just a few of my 331 products!








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